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Travelling Dog

Travelling Dog
Travelling Dog

Musical Genre: Post-punk
Formed: 1981 Split: 1981

Band Members:
Mark Mortimer (bass and vocals)
Steve McDaid (guitars and vocals)
Simon Webster (drums)
Chris Underwood (vocals)
Gary Overton (keyboards)

Those Attractive Magnets
The Assets
The Travelling Dog
(Fetch the) Comfy Jigsaw

Wigginton Village Hall

Those Attractive Magnets
The Assets
The Travelling Dog
(Fetch the) Comfy Jigsaw

St. John's Youth Club

Those Attractive Magnets
The Assets
The Travelling Dog
(Fetch the) Comfy Jigsaw

Polesworth Youth Club

Those Attractive Magnets
The Assets
The Travelling Dog
(Fetch the) Comfy Jigsaw

Dosthill Boys Club

Those Attractive Magnets
The Assets
The Travelling Dog
(Fetch the) Comfy Jigsaw

Wood End Youth Centre

Those Attractive Magnets
The Assets
The Travelling Dog
(Fetch the) Comfy Jigsaw

Kingsbury Youth Centre

Tamworth Herald – 05/03/81
Musicbox - Dog has its day
SONGS about everyday life aimed at giving the audience a good time – that’s the philosophy of the Travelling Dog.

The band’s five members hope that the tour with The Magnets will get them some recognition in the area and they are also hopeful that the current line-up will stay together for some time to give them a settled base to work on.

The line-up is: Mark Mortimer (bass and vocals); Steve McDaid (guitars and vocals); Simon Webster (drums); Chris Underwood (vocals) and Gary Overton (keyboards).

So far they have penned four songs including 'An Experience' and 'Venus'.

As Mark said: “We just want people to have a good time and after the tour we’ll take it from there.”

Tamworth Herald – 05/03/81
Musicbox – In tune for rock tour
TOMORROW (Saturday) sees what could be the dawning of a new era in the history of rock music in Tamworth.

Those Attractive Magnets and three other bands are taking to the road to do a six date tour of youth clubs around the Tamworth area.

Wigginton village hall is the setting for the first of these important gigs.

Then the circus pitches its big top at youth clubs all over the area, finishing at Kingsbury on March 17.

The Magnets are backed by three new names on the local scene, The Assets, The Travelling Dog and (Fetch the) Comfy Jigsaw.

Musicbox will like to congratulate all concerned with this enterprising venture


Lately, we have been complaining about the lack of live music in the area and if the youth clubs could be opened up as regular venues for local bands it would be a big step in the right direction.

So we urge everyone reading this column to go along to at least one of these concerts and give the new talent that is emerging in the area the support and encouragement it deserves.

The Magnets are already known to all of you but below we profile the three other bands on the tour.

As they say in Hollywood. This could be the start of something big!

Saturday March 7: Wigginton Village Hall; Monday March 9: St. John’s Youth Club; Tuesday March 10: Polesworth Youth Club; Thursday March 12: Dosthill Boys Club; Monday March 16: Wood End Youth Centre; Tuesday March 17: Kingsbury Youth Centre.

Richard Whitehead

Tamworth Herald – 12/03/81
Musicbox – New boys learn a painful first lesson
Review: THOSE Attractive Magnets/(Fetch the) Comfy Jigsaw/The Travelling Dog/The Assets – Wigginton Village Hall
ON FRIDAY I heralded this gig as the possible dawning of a new era. At the end of Saturday night I was beginning to have my doubts.

Apart from Those Attractive Magnets – more of them later – the three ‘new’ bands were shockingly under-prepared, out of tune and baffled by the whole situation.

Of course they will get better, develop and find their own level in a few years or maybe in a few months, but while the idea for this tour was enterprising and adventurous, some members of the groups plainly hadn’t got the talent to deliver the goods.

Best of the three were (Fetch the) Comfy Jigsaw. They battled on, despite the fact that they were out of tune, and played the most listenable music of the evening.

The songs they did play were sort of power pop, new wave style, and I felt that with a lot of hard work and concentration, ‘Jigsaw’ could become quite a force. Good luck lads.

The Travelling Dog were hampered by the fact that they were hopelessly out of tune, under rehearsed and had lost Gary Overton and Steve McDaid just a couple of days before the concert.

Donald Skinner, drummer with Jigsaw, deputised on guitar, but, despite the enthusiasm of Mark Mortimer, they never really got going.

By the time The Assets took to the stage things were even worse and far from providing us with a “wild punk thrash” as they promised, they just looked nervous and desperately lacking in preparation.


Back to the beginning of the evening and the Magnets, who, to my surprise, opened rather than closed the entertainment. No ego tripping for them, which was a good sign I suppose.

Sound problems hampered them when I saw them at The Warren with the Lounge Lizards, but tonight they seemed to have some of that sorted out.

Constructive criticism is what they wanted, so I’ll do my best to give them that. For a start there is no doubt that TAM are very serious and thoughtful about their music, they want to succeed, and that’s as good a start as any.

But where I feel they are going wrong is in the construction of their music. All the songs they played at Wigginton were far too long and complex for the sort of audience they are trying to reach.


The ‘new’ electronic music that is selling records and gaining recognition, is despite the synthesisers, very commercial. But the Magnets are more like Hawkwind than Gary Numan, playing lengthy numbers with layer upon layer of sound.

I feel that if they concentrated on getting some catchy hook lines within their music they could be very good indeed. They have a superb drummer in John ‘Hurricane’ Higgins and showed with … they can write good stuff.

All in all then a very mixed evening. The low points were the bad turn-out and the lack of co-ordination shown by the three newcomers.

However, John Higgins, Donald Skinner, Matthew Lees and Mark Mortimer deserve some credit for wholehearted, skilful performances.

To the three new bands the message is continue to work hard and don’t be discouraged.

Richard Whitehead

Tamworth Herald – 20/03/81
Despite the fact that the Magnets had to pull out of the tour, the other bands battled on, drawing a crowd of over 100 to St. John’s Youth Club on Monday.

One important line-up change is that Mark Mortimer, bass player with The Travelling Dog, has joined (Fetch The) Comfy Jigsaw while ‘Dog have split.

However, The Assets have continued to improve with a barnstorming display at Polesworth.

Watch this space for more developments.

Tamworth Herald – 03/04/81
Musicbox - Counting assets at tour’s end
SHOWING true British grit and bulldog spirit, the much-heralded tour of the youth clubs has soldiered on despite its wounds and the remaining bands have come through with much credit and growing reputations.

After headliners Those Attractive Magnets withdrew after the first gig at Wigginton Village Hall and the Travelling Dog went for an early “walkies” the tour looked doomed but (Fetch The) Comfy Jigsaw and The Assets battled on and in the end only one date was missed.

Bass player, Mark Mortimer of FTCJ said “The tour was a success but not a massive success.”


As Mark explained, the main aim of the tour was to get their names known to a wide circle of young people in the area and, in the end, that was just what they did.

“We did not let many people down and we all think that’s the most important thing”, added Mark.

Now that FTCJ and the others have got their names known it will be interesting to see where they will go from here. Watch this space.

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