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ButtercupTamworth has always had its characters and the Tamworth Music Scene has certainly had its fair share. Above you will see an A to Z listing, click a link to see a list of Tamworth music scene characters - band members, DJs, publicans, reporters etc, etc. from the period 1960-1990. Where appropriate each name has a list of bands of which that person was a member with links to each band. On each page, if a characters name is in Yellow, click for the complete character profile. The A-Z listing of characters is incomplete, if your name is missing send your details by emailing: info@tamworthbands.com

Over the last 3 years people have voted for their favourite Tamworth band character - here are the final results.

1 Sam Holliday 250
2 Mick Rutherford 218
3 Vince Watts 71
4 Rikk Quay 66
5 Edward ian Armchair 61
6 Brian Lacey 57
7 Lee Revelle 47
8 Buttercup 43
9 Mark Mortimer 41
10 Blaze Bayley 40

Steve Coniff 29

Four Votes:
Andy Morgan, Ashley Crump, Bob Catley, Dave Parrish, David A. Dukes, David Mason, John 'Hurricane' Higgins, Frank Cordell, Julian Amos, Keith Edwards, Norman Yates, Paul Neale, Paul Speare, Rob Rea, Simon Byford, Ted Wilson, Tim Byford.

Three Votes:
Andrew Baines, Andrew 'Wiggy' Wiggall, Alan Whittle, Carl Dwyer, Clifford 'Chippy' Chipman, Dave 'Clem' Clempson, Dave Ingham, Dave Risley, Dylan Haddon, Gerald Palmer, Gary 'Garrie' Overton, Ian Parson, Jim Twigg, Johnny Slade, Martin Butlin,Martin Kelly, Nobby, Paul Killick, Pete Williams, Roger Moore, Spencer Ireland, Steve Parkin.

Two Votes:
Aden Archer, Adie Cheshire, Andy Codling, Annette Leedham, Brad Riley, Charlie Harrison, Colin Richardson, Colin Stokes, Dave Armour, Dave Fitzgerald, Dean Cox, Debbie Barlow, Eddie Blunt, Gary Lancaster, Geoff Owen, Gill Sowell, Graham Knight, Hugh Inge-Innes Lillingston, Ian 'Tank' Crawford, Jed Moore, Jim Twigg, Jon Peat, Jon Lanz, Keith Buck, Kevin Day, Kevin McGeogh, Kevin 'Ossie' Osborne, Lloyd Barnett, Mark 'Mable Syrup' Wallis, Martin Woodings, Mick Goodby, Mick Griffiths, Mike Turner, Paul Aspel, Phil Bates, Phil Hobbins, Reg Calvert, Richard Whitehead, Rob Cross, Ron Allcott, Sean Meier, Shaun Meier, Steve Adams, Steve Bostock, Steve Clarke, Steve Coniff, Steve Quilton, Tim Adkins, Tinny Hilton, Tom Cartmell, Tony Harper, Tony Stanley, Warwick 'Scogg' Schofield.

One Vote:
Adrian Booth, Adrian Goodman, Andy Guest, Andy Lane, Andy Tuffield, Annette Leedham, Annette Witheridge, Arthur Radbourne, Barney Blake, Barry Crowe, Beaver, Bob Ballard, Bob Heath, Brian Pear, Bruno Edwards, Buster Belford, Captain Green, Chantal Weston, Chris Gould, Chris Orton, Darren Thurman, Darren Williamson, Dave Bates, Dave 'Excellent' Preston, Daz Mullet, Delroy James, Duane, Ed Ake, Eddie Madden, Fran Ingley, Gary Norris, Geoff Barber, Graham Bayliss, Graham Mason, Greg Stevenson, Graham Titley, Ian Bibby, Ian Hatton, Ian Marklew, Ian Parson, Jack Chetwynd, Jan Billingsley, Jase Tinsley, Jason Notman, Jem Scarr, Jimmy Bethel, John Archer, John Reeman, John Scattergood, Johnny SIlver, Kevin Allbrighton, Keith Edwards, Leigh Windridge, Malcolm Taylor, Mak Poyner, Mark 'Mable Syrup' Wallis, Mark Widdas, Martin Cooper, Martin Sketchley, Martin Warrilow, Maryan Bryan, Matthew Harper, Mick Kingston, Nigel Lees, Nij Redfern, Norman Conquest, Norman 'Stormy' Swan, Paul Bethel, Paul Keeton, Paul Summers, Pete Williams, Phil Ackrill, Phil Mugglestone, Phil Smith, Phil Vickery, Ray Clenshaw, Rich Camilla, Richard Cuttler, Rikky Patrick, Rob Harper, Robin Bate, Spike Miller, Stephen (Big Muff), Stephen Laplance, Steve Bennett, Steve Haddon, Steve Hartley, Steve Hastilow, Steve Hawker, Steve McDaid, Steve Owen, Steve Webster, Steven Day, Stuart Randle, Stuart Ward, Terence (Teg) Muggleton, Tim Burgess, Tim Goode, Tom Anderton, Tony Beaumont, Tony Sadler, Vernon Wingrove, Vicky Price, Phil Balnaves.

Note: Serious abuse of the Character voting facility took place, the Editor reserved the right to disqualify serial abusers - see if you can guess whol the biggest self-abuser was.

Dedicated Character Pages:

Baz Fox 26
Ian Gibbons 25
Sam Norchi 25
Dave Smith 23
Lester Peckover 22
Steven Day (Daydo) 22
Kevin O'Gara 20
Denis Byfield 19
Mike Fleming 19
Darren McFarren 18
Scott Nasser 18
Donald Skinner 17
Phil Ackrill 16
Andy Radek 15
Noel Walker 13
Phil Berrow 13
Jim Smith 12
Kevin Briggs 12
Andy Dwyer 11
Kaz Paul 11
Vince Baker 11
Kippa 10
Simon Rollin 10
Steve Hastilow 10
Adam Cukrowski 9
Barry Douce 9
Derek Goodwin 9
Matthew Lees 9
Pete Long 9
Phil Bates 9
Rob Maddison 9
Rob Sly 9
Simon Webster 9
Steve Sheldon 9
Terry Young 9
Tim Byford 9
Barry John 8
Boney 8
Dave 'Excellent' Preston 8
Andy Baldwin 7
Andy Malkin 7
Bryan Barnsley 7
Jack Chetwynd 7
Martin Watts 7
Paul Clements 7
Alan Turner 6
Anice Byfield 6
Chris Groucott 6
Danny Lee 6
Gavin Skinner 6
Graham Smith 6
Keith Chetwynd 6
Mark 'DeHavilland' Brindley 6
Robert Bell 6
Stuart (Blain) Pickett 6
Stuart Ward 6
Tim Latham 6
Trevor Mugleston 6
David 'Pree' Pierepoint 5
Ian Roberts 5
Les Jones 5
Peter Noel Ghent 5
Richard Croxton 5
Rob Kinson 5
Tony Cole 5

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