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If you would like your bands' tracks added to the TamworthBands.com Juke Box then simply send them in .wav or .mp3 format to: info@tamworthbands.com

In order to play these tracks you will needa copy of the Adobe Flash Player installed on your machine. This is freely available for download here.In order to play these tracks you will need a copy of the Adobe Flash Player installed on your machine. This is freely available to download here.

Click here to see and hear a selection of demos and recordings by Tamworth BandsHere's a selection of Demos and Recordings by Tamworth Bands including MP3s of each track, cover art, band line-up and studio details. If you would like your songs included please get in touch via info@tamworthbands.com You can either send .wav or .mp3 files directly via email or if you just have the original recording e.g. cassette, 7" single or CD I can arrange collection. Please send files individually to: tamworthbands@lycos.com

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Although the copyright of all tracks that appear on TamworthBands.com is retained by the artist, the artists' permission is still required before their tracks can be included on the site. If you were in a Tamworth Band and would like to give permission to use your songs on TamworthBands.com, please email info@tamworthbands.com

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