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Read about where it all began in the History of Tamworth DJs and Discos - 1964-1967

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Barry John

If you were a DJ in Tamworth between 1960 and 1990 or if you were the manager, promoter, collected money on the door or just collected glasses at a Venue where bands played in Tamworth between 1960 and 1990, please add your details here. If you ran a Studio or a PA Hire Company in Tamworth between 1960 and 1990 I also want to include you in the history of Tamworth Bands. After all, where would all those demo tapes gathering dust in the cupboard under the stairs have come from if it hadn't been for local studios. As for PAs, remember how bands would always blame a poor performance on the dodgy PA? Please add as much information as possible. If you have any images please email them to: info@tamworthbands.com

Discos & DJs
(a small selection)
Barry John
Bradley Green
Captain Green
Cloud Nine Disco
Delroy James
Gemini Disco
Geoff Owen
Jason Knight
Jimmy Mack
John Ford
John Tobias Roadshow
Johnny Green
Johnny Slade
Keith's Golden Oldies
Legs Disco
Malcolm Taylor
Nij Redfern
Noel Walker
Paul Neale
Pete Barry
Rikky Patrick
Roy Sandbrook
Sole Kontrole
Spike’s Disco
Star Trek Disco
Startrax Disco
Steve Bostock
Steve Clarke
Sultanesque Disco
Track 4 Disco
Tutankhamen Roadshow

Thanks to: Barry John
(a small selection)
Ian Marklew
Steve Adams
Expresso Bongo
Dehavilland Studios - 1990 to 2006
PA Hire
(a 'very' small selection)
TT Sounds
Reverb Sounds

Geoff Redfern
My first disco was filling in for my brother at my own 6th form school disco. Nervous or what!! I recall some great nights around Tamworth and North Warwickshire throughout the 80s. I also remember DJ-ing with many Radio 1 DJs at places like Drayton Manor.
Geoff Redfern

Johnny Slade
Too many memories to list - absolutely fantastic

Pubs and Clubs...
I have many great memories working the pubs and clubs in Tamworth as a DJ, like on a Saturday lunch-time at The Marmion in town in the 80s. What great times we had. Do you remember Corvettes, Lakins, Lincolns, Manhattans, The George?
Gary Hunt

Pulling up at Big Edds Burger Bar in town and having a monster burger before going home after a disco.
Rodge Richardson

20 years of local bands - most good, some excellent. Battle of the Bands, Rock Festivals, struggling to bring Tamworth Council into the 20th Century, but, most of all, the friendly (sometimes) banter between bands.
Den - Reverb Audio

Bue started djing in 1980 and had a residency at the Tavern in the Town at weekends. His favourite record to play was Floppy Boot Stomp by Captain Beefheart and the audience favourite was Bankrobber by The Clash. Bue sadly passed away in 2005 but his memory lives on. Abiding memories of the Tavern disco - loud, dark, sticky carpets.
Dave Kelly

The Early Days...
The first use of my homemade valve amplifier built into a bedside table with a Decca turntable on top (about 1969/70) at Amington Bandroom (when I was attending the youth club). Amington Youth Club was run by Mr Rootes who lived in June Crescent, the late Mick Glover (of the Herald) also helped out and he coincidentally printed my first business cards. Our local engineer for amplifier repairs etc. was Charlie Thorneycroft of Fazeley who previously had an electronics shop in Tamworth (the carpet shop next to Chicago Rock).
Barry John

(a small selection)
Amington Band Hall
Amington Band Room
Amington Golf Club
Anchor Inn
Appleby Inn
Ashlands Farm Barbecue
Assembly Rooms
Atherstone Liberal Club
Atherstone Memorial Hall
Atherstone Open Air Festival
Baddesley Miners Welfare Club
Belgrave WMC
Birch Coppice Social Club
Blue Boar
Bolehall Manor Club
Bowling Green Lichfield
Castle Grounds
Castle Hotel
Chequers, Hopwas
Corvettes Wine Bar
Coton and Hopwas Social Club
Dordon Village Hall
Dosthill Cosmopoliton Club
Drayton Manor's Hamilton Suite
Drayton Manor's Missanda Suite
Drayton Manor's Tower Suite
Drayton Park Golf Club
Edingale Village Hall
Fazeley Victory Club
Fosters Yard
Glascote Social Club
Globe Inn
Green Man, Clifton
Grendon WMC
Hopwas Scout Hut
Hopwas WMC
Hurley WMC
Kerria Centre
Kingsbury Country Club
Lakins Wine Bar
Leyfields Community Centre
Lichfield Arts Centre
Marston Farm Hotel
Masonic Rooms
Measham Bottom Club
Measham Welfare Club
Mile Oak Hotel
North Warwick Social Club
Polesworth Memorial Hall
Polesworth WMC
Priory Farm
Queens Head
Rose Inn
Shuttington Parish Hall
St John's Ambulance Club
St John's Club
St. John's Club
St. John's Guildhall
St. John's Youth Club
Stanhope Arms
Tamworth Arts Centre
Tamworth Assembly Rooms
Tamworth Athletics Stadium
Tamworth Cricket & Hockey Club
Tamworth FC Social Club
Tamworth Progressive Club
Tamworth Rock Festival
Tamworth Rugby Club
Tamworth Youth Club
Tavern in the Town
The Boot, Warton
The Chalet at The Belfry
The Old Liberal House
The Rathole
The Stable
The Warren, Mile Oak
Two Gates WMC
Unicorn Folk Club
Victoria Road Navy Club
Warton WMC
Warton WMC
Whittington Church Hall
Wilnecote Youth Centre

Thanks to: Barry John


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